Concord Grape Juice Concentrate (2.5 gal)

Enjoy the old time taste of genuine American Concord Grape juice.

One 2.5gal jug of Concord Grape Concentrate make about 213 servings.

For one glass, add 3 tablespoons conc. with water to 8oz. For a pitcher, add 8oz (1cup) conc. with 4 1/3 cups of water to make about 43 oz (about 5 servings).


100% Concord Grape Juice Concentrate. Concord Grape Juice Concentrate has many antioxidants that help promote healthy blood pressure, slow LDL cholesterol oxidation and promote flexible arteries. Our juices are non GMO and gluten free products.

Weight 14.0614 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 11 × 13 in


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