Growers’ Co-op Grape Juice Company is headquartered in Westfield NY, in the oldest and largest Concord Grape growing region in the world. We are a trusted supplier of bulk Concord, Niagara, and Catawba grape and other berry juices, concentrates and purees to juice and jelly companies, wineries, microbrews, and health food product companies. We serve customers in throughout the U.S., Canada, Asia and Europe.

The grapes grown in the Concord Grape Belt produce the highest quality juice and concentrate with deep, rich purple color, and a tart bold flavor. Growers can also supply Grape Juice Blends to meet customer specifications. Growers is certified to produce kosher and organic grape juice upon request.

Founded in 1929 the Growers’ Co-op has had a long History of processing Concord grapes grown by its owners. Major brand name as well as private label juice and jam companies have long been customers of the Co-op. Concord Grapes long been sought for their unique health benefits.

Over the last 10 years, the Co-op has evolved with consumer tastes to add multiple super fruits and berries to its offering. With those new fruits, we added new categories of customers such as health food and nutraceutical product companies, wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

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